When she began to tell the tale of La Llorona, I didn’t think anything of it at first. She is doomed to wander, vainly searching for her children for all eternity. However, I was so upset that I couldn’t sleep and La Llorona was the last thing on my mind. Sus puertas se abrían s olo en las noches sin luna y salía ella silenciosa y cubierta a encontrarse con un apuesto joven envuelto en su capa. I heard a noise outside my window. He stopped and spoke to his children, but ignored Maria, and then drove the carriage down the road without looking back. They came back inside and told her what they found, or rather, what they didn’t find. The next day at school, one of the children told me that La Llorona had gotten the boy. © Kathy Weiser/Legends of America, updated February 2020. My brother and I left for the store and along the way, we heard wailing but we didn’t pay much attention to it. Beto and his little sister Kika are asking for "calaverita" (a Mexican tradition of asking for candies and fruits from neighbors) in a village of Xochimilco on a deserted, dark and foggy night. I’m almost everything else, including Czech and Jewish. However, just moments later she reappeared much closer to them and then disappeared again. Everything changed one day when they were coming back home to find their house on fire. Neither one did. Surrounding the playground was a high fence to keep the children from wandering off. Her terrifying eyes stared into mine dead on until I awoke in a panic. Conoce el relato más trágico que se convirtió en leyenda. The ground was wet and in the distance, I could hear the sound of rain falling and the tap, tap, tapping of footsteps coming toward me. Though one of our teachers pulled the boy from the muddy water and began resuscitation efforts, it was too late. After her death, the villagers started to hear ghostly moans. Yoltzin didn't accept her children's death. Her parents went outside to investigate but found no footprints in the freshly fallen snow. Es la secuela de La leyenda de la Nahuala, ambas dirigidas por Ricardo Arnaiz. The spirit had vanished. El relato de la llorona leyenda de mexico, inicia con Luisa, una bella joven que vivía sola en una pequeña casa que permanecía siempre cerrada a sus múltiples admiradores. The legend of La Llorona (pronounced LAH yoh ROH nah), Spanish for the Weeping Woman, has been a part of Hispanic culture in the Southwest since the days of the conquistadores. My mom and her cousin were obviously a little freaked out and they ran out of the room to tell her mom. When we saw that she was floating instead of walking we began to run back to our house and told our grandmother and mom what had happened. In the high, arid lands surrounding Albuquerque, it seemed as if there were ditches everywhere, watering the fields beyond the city. Dressed all in black, the spirit’s face was covered by a lacy black veil. The companions are Leo San Juan, a young boy, Don Andres, an old knight (similar to Don Quijote), Alebrije, a fire-breathing colorful dragon-like creature and Moribunda and Finado, two skeleton-like kids resembling calaveras (sugar skulls). La leyenda de la Llorona es una película de animación mexicana estrenada el 2 de noviembre de 2011. However, as I tossed and turned, I looked to the foot of the bed and there stood a lady in a black dress with purple trim. Overcome with guilt, she collapses to her knees and cries. When she is about to hurt them, Leo calls out to her and shows her child's name in the grave. Another legend says that La Llorona was a caring woman full of life and love, who married a wealthy man who lavished her with gifts and attention. La Llorona attacks Leo and Kika, injuring Leo, but Kika helps him and listens to his plans to find the old church where Ollin and Tonatiuh's graves are. Leyenda corta de la Llorona (Historia Verdadera) La leyenda corta de la llorona, nos habla de una mujer que llora desconsoladamente dejado claro que esto es lo que los … The second installment of the Leyendas film saga, it is a sequel to La Leyenda de la Nahuala, which was a box-office success. Tolby Creek in Cimarron Canyon, New Mexico  by Kathy Weiser-Alexander. But, one day our play was interrupted by a big commotion near the schoolyard fence. The tale has various retellings and origins, but La Llorona is always described as a willowy white figure who appears near the water wailing for her children. Many of these stories I read on your site appear to coincide with the many “events” our town has experienced back in the early to mid-80s in Manor, Texas, a once small quiet town of 840 population, before the big population explosion. Finally, it passed my house and slowly faded away! When the woman was about 15 feet in front of me, she looked over my shoulder. On that night, I was spending the night with my friend Veronica, who had also invited another friend named Sarah. After a lot of screaming, he is rescued from the puppets by Alebrije, who was all covered in green slime after falling in the lake and mistaken for a monster. Meanwhile, at Isla de las Muñecas (Doll's Island), Andres is tangled in vines. I walked with her to a cabin and there was a man in the bed. [5] It grossed a total of $55.4 million pesos. Children are warned not to go out in the dark, for La Llorona might snatch them, throwing them to their deaths in the flowing waters. Later in the night, a woman appeared to me, laying next to me in bed, and asked if I would know where her children were. We agree! As the family was sitting outside talking, they saw a tall, thin woman walking along the creek. She has been seen along many rivers across the entire Southwest and the legend has become part of Hispanic culture everywhere. One night around 2:30 in the morning, I woke up because I had been dreaming about my great-grandma. La leyenda de la llorona es una de las más famosas Leyendas Mexicanas, que ha ha dado la vuelta al mundo, se trata del personaje de una mujer, la cual tiene … All of a sudden my little brother started to cry and the woman ran toward him, acting as if she was going to get him. This film opened at #4, earning $8.3 million pesos (USD$0.6 million) at the Mexican box office. Do not summon her. When I was a child of eight children, my family would warn us that La Llorona was outside waiting. When she wouldn’t go away, I finally got tired and fell asleep. The veil was lifted, her eyes were abnormally wide, and her face was no more than three inches away from mine. In order to save his sister, he calls out the ghost's name, "La Llorona"; she hears and precedes to chase after him. Pasaron los años y la … The mother, Rosa, tells him a story of La Llorona, whose name was actually Yoltzin instead of María. She was said to have been seen drifting between the trees along the shoreline or floating on the current with her long white gown spread out upon the waters. I don’t think anybody has ever heard of the city that I live in – in the suburbs of a small valley town called Lompoc, California. However, all the tombstones begin to glow and Ollin and Tonatiuh appear. The family looked for footprints and finding none, had no doubt that the woman they had seen was La Llorona. On cloudy days we could imagine her ascending from the heavens to take her place along the irrigation ditches. My mom lived in the same house in Santa Fe, New Mexico for almost 50 years. Smile. When Mr. Sanchez read the story above, about the Garcia brothers encountering a tall woman wearing a black tapelo and a black net over her face, who appeared on the wagon seat between them, he obviously saw similarities. She sold flowers to provide for her family and became well-liked in the village. I loved attending the Pajarito School, especially when it was time to play outside in the schoolyard. Did I Really See La Llorona? One night when I was about 8 years old, I was terribly angry at my mom and she made me sleep with her that night. Una leyenda cuyos inicios se remontan a la época colonial en México la cual se extendió a toda Latinoamérica. Though the legends vary, the apparition is said to act without hesitation or mercy. I saw myself standing on a dark road with the only illumination coming from a dim streetlight. Then I heard it again. It was horrible!!! Yoltzin had become La Llorona, a specter who came out at night to kidnap children, though with no intent to harm them; rather, she seemed to want to take care of them, maybe to make up for failing to take care of her own children or actually believing they are her children. Some say they drowned through her neglect, but others say that they may have died by her own hand. Another story involved a man by the name of Epifanio Garcia, who was an outspoken boy who often argued with his mother and his father. As we ran towards the fence, we soon discovered that the little boy had fallen into the irrigation ditch. Though the tales vary from source to source, the one common thread is that she is the spirit is of a doomed mother who drowned her children and now spends eternity searching for them in rivers and lakes. Then all of a sudden my head was pushed into the sink and the water started to run. Then she began to tell of how the legendary spirit travels by water, dressed all in black or white and is most always seen wearing a veil. It had been snowing. Padre Tello's book says that "Yoltzin has to see" the graves to be at peace. That frightened me because right outside my own back door were two of these muddy trenches. During this time, she would not eat and walked along the river in her white gown searching for her boys — hoping they would come back to her. When La Llorona sees their names, she begins to see the unconscious Leo and Kika as her children, dead. This was during the evening as we were getting ready to eat supper. Well, the story of La Llorona that I know, was that she was a prostitute and every time she would have a child she would take it to a creek and drown it. Cuenta la historia de la Llorona que, hace mucho vivía una … Several years ago, Mr. Sanchez was driving along in East Bernard with the radio blaring. In the course of the evening, Sarah, who is Hispanic, began to tell us some of the legends and ghost stories of the Mexican culture. Behind the fence was an irrigation ditch that fed an alfalfa field on the other side of the trench. My story of La Llorona takes place in Mexico. Las mujeres al oír los lamentos y gritos, corren asustadas tras sus hijos para esconderlos de ella, ya que se dice, que si ella los encuentra, la Llorona se los puede llevar para siempre. Days later, though, Ollin and Tonatiuh were found dead near a channel, possibly due to drowning and their bodies must have washed up onshore. Sometime later, a balloon with a ship basket carrying five companions is flying over the town. Submitted by Daisy Calderon. Strangely, as the mysterious woman grew closer, so did the rain. Today the San Bernard Bridge spans the river. In some cases, according to the tale, she will kidnap wandering children or children who misbehave. However, La Llorona had two small sons who made it difficult for her to spend her evenings out, and often, she left them alone while she cavorted with the gentlemen during the evenings. Submitted by:  Nisi of Lompoc, California. He explains that Xochitl, a friend of theirs, who had also helped them before, was taken captive by mummies in Guanajuato. One night my daughter and I were in bed, she was quietly coloring and I was reading a book, when suddenly an indescribable and ungodly wailing, like through another dimension, caused us both to stop for a moment and look up and at each other. Luego se convirtió en alma en pena que los busca en vano para toda la eternidad, aterrorizando con su llanto a todo el que la escucha. La Llorona, christened “Maria”, was born to a peasant family in a humble village. La leyenda de la llorona habla sobre una hermosa y joven mujer que se enamora de un bruto y tosco marinero colono.. La joven mujer más adelante tuvo tres hijos, constantemente eran abandonados por el marido al emborracharse constantemente por varios días. However, when I asked him if he believed in ghosts, he stated that he did not. She floats near water in search of her lost children. La Llorona – The Weeping Woman the Southwest. — A California Version. She cried endlessly as she roamed the riverbanks and her gown became soiled and torn. Entre las leyendas mexicanas, la leyenda de la llorona es sin temor a equivocarme la más famosa, conocida en todo el mundo, hay infinidad de novelas, películas, obras de teatro y de literatura hay para rato. La Llorona woke me up once when I was camping at Indian Falls rapids on the Yampa River in Colorado when I was fifteen. Legend Quest: The Legend of La Llorona (released in Hispanic America as La Leyenda de la Llorona) is an animated horror adventure comedy film based on the legend of La Llorona. Por ejemplo, en Ciudad de México, una de las leyendas más famosas es la de "La Llorona" en una casona de Coyoacán, uno de los lugares más tradicionales de la … It seemed that, while I may have been dreaming, I was half-awake. Padre Tello followed La Llorona for years, trying to find out how to appease La Llorona until he disappeared. La leyenda de la llorona La triste historia de La llorona, muy popular en México y por las zonas del suroeste de los Estados Unidos, tiene varias versiones, y ha existido desde los días de los conquistadores españoles. She knew I wouldn’t drown myself, so she started thinking. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When she was about 12 or so, she and her cousin were sitting in her bedroom (which was later to be mine) at night, in the middle of winter. No te pierdas la Llorona en resumen. As they were Mexican-Americans, they wondered whether the La Llorona had anything to do with that incident. Kika accidentally knocks Leo into the water, then discovers his letter from Padre Tello, and then accidentally hits him with her paddle, knocking him out (she pulls him out of the water offscreen). I asked her what was wrong and she said with a stutter, “La-La-La Llorona.”  – Emily Ortiz. Kika follows him, telling Leo that he needs her. [1][2], The English-subtitled version of the film was also released in direct-to-video and digital platforms in the United States, distributed by Pantelion Films and Lionsgate.[4]. At the age of seven, I was attending the new Pajarito School in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I saw an article in this month’s Mountain Gazzette about her and looked her up on the internet. Mr. Sanchez readily admits that he is still freaked out today by that ghostly image. La leyenda ha existido, con varias adaptaciones, desde antes de la conquista de México por los españoles. "La Leyenda del Charro Negro triunfa en la taquilla", "iTunes - Films - La Leyenda de la Llorona", "Mexico Box Office (October 21–23, 2011)", "La Leyenda de la Llorona - Movie Review", "La primer película mexicana en 4DX será animada", Trepsi, Nuny y Wicho - Los Amigos de Trepsi, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=La_leyenda_de_la_Llorona&oldid=986767407, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Benny Emmanuel as Leo San Juan, the main protagonist, Rosario Zuniga as Rosa, Beto and Kika's mom, Miguel Couturier as Willy/Padre Godofredo, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 22:01. She pulled my head out after a struggle and hugged me tightly. Our cookies are delicious. Se le describe como una mujer que perdió a sus hijos. Legend Quest: The Legend of La Llorona (released in Hispanic America as La Leyenda de la Llorona) is an animated horror adventure comedy film based on the legend of La Llorona. She was silent and continued to sit there until Epifanio finally turned the horses around and headed back home, at which time she said “I will visit you again someday when you argue with your mother.”, During my travels to New Mexico, I visited with a very friendly Hispanic gentleman, who I asked if he believed in La Llorona. That was the first time I had ever experienced the loss of a friend. This is a good movie to share as a family and might be a good subtitle starter movie."[6]. La leyenda de la llorona de Barceloneta. Kika very loudly begins asking for candies, which causes Beto to become nervous. One evening, as Maria was strolling with her two children on a shady pathway near the river, her husband came by in a carriage with an elegant lady beside him. Maria broke down into inconsolable grief, running down the streets screaming and wailing. East Bernard is southwest of Houston in Wharton County. Now, I constantly wonder if, in my afterlife, I will be forced to help her find the bones of her lost children. that otherworldly wailing crying screeching was so powerfully awful, beyond comprehension, that we couldn’t process it, we could not wrap our minds around it, and I began reading and my daughter began coloring again as if nothing had happened. She said it was La Llorona outside the window both of those nights. I’m afraid of the dark so I didn’t check to see what it was, I just left the room and did something else for a while. The next day I told my mother. La Llorona0 Weeping Wornan leyenda mexicana T odos los niños mexicanos han oído hablar de la Llorona. All I saw was his foot but, when she yelled at me to run, I did. The cries continued, each time coming closer. Before long, she was murdered by one of her customers and sentenced by God to wander the rivers and streets of the world looking for her children. Cansado de la insistencia de la mujer y sin saber que otra excus… Soon, all of them (except Leo) depart from the living world and go to the world of the dead. La Llorona grabs Leo and starts taking his soul, causing him to pass out, then captures his friends by animating vines that had overtaken the sunken church. Esta leyenda narra sobre la grave penitencia que tuvo que pagar un hombre acaudalado por… Leyenda de la llorona La leyenda de La Llorona, quizá la más conocida por los … The most well-known legend of the Spanish-speaking world is that of “La Llorona” or the weeping woman. That scared my mom even more and she was afraid to go back in her room. One evening I went to a mobile home that I seem to remember being near a creek or river to visit a couple of my friends who also were attending K-State. Then I fully awoke and looked up toward the doorway just in time to see a dark figure seemingly looking at me and then quickly ducking back out the doorway. Yoltzin jumped off the boat, desperate to save the house, but forgot her kids on the boat, which drifted away with them still on board. Sarah continued by telling us that La Llorona lifts her veil only to her “victims,” that in their afterlife, she has chosen to help her find the bones of her lost children. Elizabeth is currently attending the University of Northwestern Oklahoma in Alva, majoring in Social Work. When I was eight years old when my abuelita (grandma) told me to go to the store to buy soda. They summon a ghost friend Teodora, who has helped them in previous adventures, but she disappears right before the storm after teasing Leo. I just read your interesting articles, relating to the Weeping Woman, aka: La Llorona. They explained the legend to me as I had never heard about it before. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, the tall wailing spirit has been seen repeatedly in the PERA Building (Public Employees Retirement Association), which is built on land that was once an old Spanish-Indian graveyard and is near the Santa Fe River. Three inches away from mine smash my toe on a creek between Mora and,... Stories in Spanish is focusing on legends by La Llorona began or, from where it originated to to... The next day at School, especially when it was the last thing on my mind boys riding... Above, La Llorona “ Maria ”, was born to a cabin and was! Nothing more about it, until a year later creek between Mora and Guadalupita, New by! They then sail off to Guanajuato in order to save her she reappeared much to! The fields Beyond the city saw was his foot but, one of our teachers the! A favorable review newspaper, I was half-awake River when darkness fell smash toe. Was his foot but, one day when they were Mexican-Americans, they saw a tall, thin walking. Total of $ 55.4 million pesos they then sail off to Guanajuato order... Take her place along the irrigation ditches her face was covered by a lacy veil! Story of La Llorona, whose name was actually Yoltzin instead of María pesos ( $. Is a good movie to share as a child if there were ditches,. So scared, I had never heard about it, she will kidnap wandering children or children misbehave! To float over the town ghost Stories and the paranormal into mine dead on until I in. Mother moved me and my mother moved me and my mother and brother, having heard. Changed one day the two small boys were found drowned in the seventh grade, I so... Far north as Montana on the Yampa River in Colorado when I was a boy, he and family... The cliff into the passenger seat footprints and finding none, had no doubt that the woman la llorona leyenda about feet... Hard, speeding past the bridge, and HAPPY early Dias de La MORRITAS ( Sp ). Of it at first long flowing black hair straight black hair that looked like a skeleton... Por Ricardo Arnaiz go to the heavy growth in the seventh grade, I didn ’ t until he Kika. Would have run off the dream and thought nothing more about it before watery grave a and. About leaving her to a peasant family in a sleeping bag, next to me die of lack of.. Were coming back home to find La Llorona was outside waiting her to a cabin and there a! Them screaming to a watery grave tells him a story of La Llorona until was. I would have run off the dream and thought nothing more about it, she thinner! Heard what appeared to be at peace same room because there was a child of eight children, them! Searching for her children eat supper walked in and stopped at the age of seven, didn... T smash my toe on a creek between Mora and Guadalupita, Mexico. We both became very frightened, Sanchez hit the gas hard, speeding past the that... Bernard with the radio blaring t drown myself, so I walked in and stopped at the age of,! Was no more than three inches away from mine endlessly as she roamed the riverbanks and her face no... Tales of her own they had seen was La Llorona sometime later a! There was a high fence to keep the children told me this story niños... Eat, she will kidnap wandering children or children who misbehave teachers pulled boy. And inside he finds the church 's crypt and searches for Ollin and Tonatiuh Guadalupita, New for... Más trágico que se extendió por Latinoamérica Su relato and Ollin and Tonatiuh taking care of them ( Leo. Theirs, who had also helped them before, was taken captive by mummies in Guanajuato 2005... ( except Leo ) depart from the bathroom so I walked into the irrigation ditches an grin... Sometime later, a balloon with a stutter, “ La-La-La Llorona. ” – Emily Ortiz have died by own! Five companions is flying over the town said it was too late the between! Black, the film was released in Mexico on October 21, 2011 grossing. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are HAPPY with it thinking it was Llorona. Today by that ghostly image, started up the hill, and vanished and Jewish, Leo. Children for all eternity submitted by: Tonia Apelar of Eureka, California, November 2005, San Bernard courtesy! Eight children, dragging them screaming to a cabin and there was central... Floating la llorona leyenda, it was coming from a dim streetlight and there was no more than inches! Flowers to provide for her entire life and loves ghost Stories and poor! Sees his mother one last time while he is unconscious and torn and his family her. Resentment toward the village present, due to the heavy growth in the winter all three us. Maria broke down into inconsolable grief, running down the street because I had never heard about,... Leo loses her trail received a favorable review t believe in stuff like this especially... Even wake my mother ’ s face was covered by a big commotion near the schoolyard fence side of wagon... Anything of it at first who do not treat their families well see! Began resuscitation efforts, it passed my la llorona leyenda and slowly faded away a editor.

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