[33] When White confronted Anderson over the water supply, the Follower acted docile until the soldier turned his back. [19][20][21] Aside from Etienne and Hector, nobody even knew that White was in Westside. [1][2][3], While it appears poor and run down at first glance, the community produces enough food, clothes, weapons and medicine to encourage trade and arm their defenses. [20], Anderson never lost any sleep over it, as he believed the detached politicians in Shady Sands did not care about the people living in Vegas, caring only about productivity and growth. [15][16] With his extensive knowledge of hydraulic engineering and prior work with the Office of Science and Industry, Anderson managed to rig one of the automatic pumps to periodically divert water into the north cistern – located within Westside – to provide its independence. Westside Newcomers Club was founded in 1992 by four women who -- like you -- were new to the Las Vegas valley and found it difficult to acclimate to their new communities without the support of the friends left behind upon relocating. Since you seem to have pieced it together, I won't insult you by denying it any further. Westside proper is located in the northwestern corner of the Mojave, just at the edge of the city. New Vegas. [24][25] Convinced that the farmers were merely incompetent, the authorities ignored the complaints, save for one soldier: Corporal White. As such, rather than let the NCR hoard the local water supply for its own citizens,[14] Anderson rigged the pump station to pump clean water to the north cistern at regular intervals. Fallout: New Vegas has a lot of side quests that you can do. Cell Data 1. M43 - Westside. Residents of Las Vegas’ Historic Westside area are fiercely protective of the Moulin Rouge, and want to know how plans will uplift the largely minority neighborhood and preserve history. depending on the. “The Historic Westside contains some of the oldest buildings in Las Vegas, ranging in styles from vernacular to popular 1920s and 1930s styles like bungalow and mission revival. re: Can't go to the west side of the map? *In Developement, Beta Available. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Other Westside is an independent settlement within the northwest Las Vegas Conurbation in Fallout: New Vegas. The boy wasn't expecting anyone to question him, least of all an uniformed trooper. 1E is used as a code for several areas (some Fiend territory, the share cropper farms, Westside, and a few others). There are NPCs cut from the quest here. [1][4], Tom Anderson and Arcade Gannon passed through the area a few years before 2281. References to him exist in VMS10QuestScript: According to the quest objectives, the player would have to investigate the east pump station to find evidence of a water shortage. New Vegas and Freeside also hold a wealth of side quests. There are side quests in Goodsprings, the NCR Correctional Facility, Primm and Novac for adventurers that are just starting out. GRAND Westside City, The New LAS VEGAS in ASIA, Parañaque. McCarran and Las Vegas Strip: By directing the extra power toward Camp McCarran and the Strip, the power will be transferred to the NCR home states along with the energy generated at Hoover Dam and part of it to power the neon lights in the casinos in New Vegas. There's little to give away what they were for - they have no dialogue, factions or AI packages, but both seem to be fighter types, armed with decent armour and a shotgun/laser rifle. Their sequence is complete in the game code and they have full dialogue, so it's unclear why they were cut. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The loose[41][42] militia helps defend the borders from the crazies, using an impressive array of fortifications established on the edges of the inhabited parts of Westside that helped end Fiend raids on Westside. You can get this quest by finding Captain Parker at the Aerotech Office Park. There is north vegas square as well as westside and the The Thorn. buildings Westside Building Material Las Vegas is situated on 5 acres and conveniently located off the 215 and Rainbow. Site You must've heard wrong. In the end, stranger, we need them both to continue making our fate. VDialogueDoldrums1EAngeloTopic001 which is a Miguel line. This is the lair of the Scorpion Gang, a scrappy and overconfident bunch of mercenaries. The ruse worked and Westside's crops were saved - and with them, the entire community. (nearest: Miguel's Pawn Shop) Can't say I'm surprised. Find Westside restaurants. Thus, Westside grew from a subsistence crop-growing hamlet up to a stable, self-sufficient farming community operating independently from the NCR. All Inventory Inventory Specials. It wasn’t the first time a representative of the city wanted to do something about the neighborhood that for so long was the center of African-American life in Las Vegas. [26] [27] It was a rash decision, one which he immediately regretted. They can track Anderson down and decide his fate together with that of Westside: Westside's emergence as a thriving community has stabilized a good part of the western part of Outer Vegas. [39][40] Although Red Lucy and The Thorn founded beneath Westside celebrate the spirit of strength and independence, the truth is that the rough times lead many to choose drink as a way to smooth the rough edges of their daily existence. It is also known as Historic West Las Vegas and more simply, the Westside. Who have overcome the trials and tribulations of the wasteland and its predators. These city blocks are violently run by Chem-addicted raiders known as the Fiends. Starting with just 24 members, the Club grew to more than 1000 by its 10th anniversary in 2002. Their security provided also protects travelers who trade with the rest of New Vegas. To protect themselves, Westsiders organized a loose militia and built defenses around the area to deter raids by Fiends and other riff-raff. Westside Restoration brings Westside to life with a new casino, clean environments, more shops, a diner, a new radio station and compatibility with The Roost. [35] Most troopers didn't like White for his drive to join the Rangers. He may be asleep in his cot. Casa Madrid ApartmentsKlamath Bob's liquor storeMiguel's Pawn ShopNorth cisternWestside Co-opThe Thorn This makes it possible for 90% of the products we sell to be housed in a climate controlled environment. [5] Realizing the community's potential, Anderson used his knowledge of farming to help Westsiders clear parking lots and install planters, as well as cultivate food crops. Opposite Miguel's Pawn Shop is the biggest single building in Westside, the Casa Madrid Apartments, which doubles as the local brothel. Sign In. The larger part of the neighborhood, exposed to the Mojave Wasteland, is surrounded by a small network of walls, while the residential and commercial area is walled completely, except for two gates. Westside west entranceWestside south entrance Oh well, thanks for all the replies. Inside this shop, you'll meet Klamath Bob, who will give you some background information on Westside, and also sell you lots of drink items, including a Nuka-Cola Victory.

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