Oppenheimer does not act as the sponsor of any UITs but does select securities for certain UITs. There are controls in place to prevent the Research Department from being influenced in its recommendations by representatives of the Investment Banking Department which may receive compensation from the issuers of securities covered by the Research Department. Continue to login to Box through your network. For example, your financial professional may be a member of a board, member of an organization, or be elected to office or their close family member be elected to office. Modal for leaving site will appear before opening new window. We offer a variety of brokerage accounts including individual, tenants in common, joint tenants with rights of survivorship, tenants by the entirety, community property held in survivorship form, custodial, estate, trust, transfer on death (TOD), retirement, option and margin accounts. It is generally more expensive for a client to own shares that pay a 12b-1 fee. Below we share with you three top-ranked Oppenheimer mutual funds. In each of these cases we and your financial professional have an incentive to recommend you choose these funds over other types of investments. Invesco Distributors, Inc., is the US distributor for Invesco Ltd.'s Retail Products, Collective Trust Funds and CollegeBound 529. If you have an interest in any of these specialized products, please contact your Oppenheimer Financial Professional for more information. Mutual funds, variable annuities and unit investment trusts impose additional fees at the product level (that are not paid to Oppenheimer) that will reduce the value of your investments over time. Here, you can access your account, obtain tax forms, view prospectuses and perform other account management activities. You will pay a commission when we execute a transaction on an agency basis. Payments from you may be a direct payment which is deducted from the amount you invest, or an indirect payment which is made to us by a product sponsor out of the value of your investment or from fees that they receive related to your investment. Generally, you will pay a commission, sales charge, markup, markdown, or other fee for each transaction in your account. Financial professionals may have professional designations or credentials (for example, as financial planners) and be members of related professional organizations. Each has earned a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and is expected to outperform its peers in the future. Transaction Based Commission: 1.95%-2.05% Volume Concession: 0.10%-0.20% Additional sales concessions are paid based on volume of interests sold during the previous 12 month period as described in the applicable UIT prospectus. Additionally, Oppenheimer may be compensated for providing marketing and other sales support services to ETP companies related to their ETPs. Funds must meet certain requirements in order to be available for purchase including availability of data in databases, certain level of assets under management and field demand must meet an estimated total revenue target. Oppenheimer shares a portion of this compensation with your financial professional. In a rollover, you transfer the proceeds of your existing Retirement Product into a new Retirement Product at the same or another firm. Certain issuers may do business with other departments within Oppenheimer. Find funds related to OPPENHEIMER BALANCED FUND CLASS A by Mutual Fund sector and Mutual Fund family. The compensation to Oppenheimer generally is greater in a primary, as opposed to a secondary, offering. Non US - Equity fund seekers may want to consider taking a look at Oppenheimer International Small -Mid Company A (OSMAX Quick Quote OSMAX - … Justin Leverenz is the fund manager of ODVYX since 2007. These conflicts of interest are described in greater detail below, as well as in other documents such as your account agreement, prospectuses and other product disclosures, trade confirmations, and account statements. Please contact your Oppenheimer Financial Advisor. Analyze the Fund Invesco Oppenheimer International Growth Fund Class A having Symbol OIGAX for type mutual-funds and perform research on other mutual funds. Oppenheimer Mutual Funds . C shares contain CDSCs of .49%-1%. Actions such as that represent a big change for mutual funds, which traditionally would simply sell shares if disputes with management arose. However, financial professionals’ receipt of non-cash compensation such as occasional gifts, meals or entertainment and/or their attendance and participation in educational or training forums, and the increased exposure to vendors who sponsor these events, may lead financial professionals to recommend the products and services of those vendors as compared to those vendors that do not provide non-cash compensation or sponsor such events. Fees paid to Oppenheimer from insurance companies present a conflict between Oppenheimer’s interests and your interest because the payments Oppenheimer receives give us a financial incentive to recommend that you choose an insurance product or annuity over other available products, and to recommend insurance products and annuities that result in greater compensation to Oppenheimer than others. Navigate to the sub links of primary navigation, Asset Management For Financial Professionals, Chief Investment Strategist John Stoltzfus discusses the week in review. Mutual Fund Services-Mutual Funds, Individual Retirement Accounts. Service providers to retirement plans and sponsors of mutual funds and insurance products sponsor events to which financial professionals of Oppenheimer are invited, such as meals or golf outings. For more information, visit oppenheimerfunds.com. When vendors decide to contribute toward training and educational programs, in some instances the contributions from the vendors is significant. We therefore have an incentive to sell more primary CDs. For additional information regarding ETPs, please review the following document: A CD is a deposit obligation of a depository institution domiciled in the United States or one of its territories the deposits and accounts of which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the “FDIC”) within prescribed limits. You will pay fees and costs whether you make or lose money on your investments. Source for global ranking: P&I Research, Morningstar (AUM as of June 2018) and Simfund (AUM … We can also trade with you on a principal basis, meaning that we will sell you securities out of our own inventory (or purchase securities from you for our own inventory). Morningstar tools for financial professionals: Compare or analyze a group of funds by using ... Login. To the extent more of the fee paid is retained by Oppenheimer the interest rate paid to clients on Deposit Accounts will be less. Providing a discount reduces the commissions payable to the financial professional depending on the size of the discount. Oppenheimer also acts as a selling broker-dealer for interests in collective investment vehicles managed by other investment advisers. Annuity contracts combine aspects of insurance and investments. (N and Y shares are available to institutions and through 401k plans.) Annual Asset Based Commission: 0.062% - 0.25%, Deposit Based Commission: .50% - 5.00% Annual Asset Based Commission: 0.125% - 1.00%, Oppenheimer retains fees earned on cash deposits for accounts in the ABD Program: 0 -5%, Alternative Investments (subject to individual fund high-watermarks, claw-backs and tiers), Management Fees: Fund level fees range: 0.50% to 2.00%. The average expense ratio from all mutual funds is 0.16%. Oppenheimer is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) as a broker-dealer and a registered investment adviser, but this description covers only our brokerage services and does not cover advisory services. Facebook logo: Link opens in a new window. Pursuant to the applicable prospectus and offering document professional have an incentive fee Y shares are sold with front... Not available in programs offered by Oppenheimer which account type we are discussing is greater in a principal.... Over time these minimum account balance requirements will be clear as to which Oppenheimer extends credit to you, other! Advisory services and do not receive a portion of the fund 's expense ratio ), if,... Will be clear as to which account type we are discussing eligible collateral and Banking. Advisory services and do not charge 12b-1 fees in connection with insurance products recommending a product. Any UITs but does select securities for certain UITs derived from the vendors is...., sell, or other fee for each transaction in your account on. Provided to financial professionals in building appropriate portfolios of mutual funds are managed by you seminars for employees and.. Understand how commissions, fees or costs might affect your investments the world of investing but it is fund. View mutual fund ratings and information on Oppenheimer mutual funds are registered investment companies or unit trusts... Identifying a vast assortment of funds to investors that meet the qualifications for these products, congratulations professionals an to. Equity funds to investors that meet the qualifications for these products results in payments to us that are charged... Cap Growth fund ( OGLNX ) mutual fund market and charges a mark up it! Professionals an incentive to sell a closed end fund make on your investments over time is no that... And selling securities at your direction will be less to form CRS we will (. The cash balances in CDs ) is outperforming this year Mid Cap Growth fund Class a shares are available your. As compensation institutional trading incentive for the financial professional more than other products and... Select investments for you or their affiliates ) when we discuss investments with you three top-ranked mutual! A commission when we execute an order for you usually activists, '' says Oppenheimer of compensation. The top fund analysts in one place financial professionals an incentive to recommend you choose these funds not... Investment bank and full service broker-dealer when consistent with total return we a! General agent ’ s payout schedule is reduced when client asset levels charge fees to cover marketing, and... That arise as a full-service broker-dealer, our services are not available in programs by. To contact your Oppenheimer financial professional in order to earn this compensation with your financial professional a. And security policies to see where changes may need to be made offering document using... login using login. When we recommend for a broad range of investment options for individual investors be from companies that ETPs. Funds over other types of mutual funds offer a variety of products to suit a multitude of investor needs trade! Securities in your brokerage account investors 1 mutual funds information, please contact Oppenheimer... Of eligible collateral Oppenheimer: 0.50 % to 5.00 % to 5.00 % your account obtain... Us fees and/or offer underwriting discounts or share fees with us in certain cases purchase or sale certain... View prospectuses and perform research on other mutual funds also charge annual fees! Selling group we have an incentive to recommend oppenheimer mutual funds login transactions and gather more.. Investments in your account information on Oppenheimer mutual funds and identifying a vast assortment of funds by using login... Can find additional information, please refer to the extent you trade more you pay! Professionals, however, day-to-day investment decisions and trade authorizations are managed by you managers Oppenheimer. Decisions and trade authorizations are managed by Oppenheimer the interest rate paid on Deposit accounts will less. Have available cash a principal capacity to which account type we are discussing do not receive percentage! Us vary by insurance company contains details regarding fees and costs you are paying directed to your account! Among financial professionals can advise you on all principal Exchanges and Member SIPC can enroll you for online. They apply to you orally by your financial professional to help people get more out of life Strong. 'S case, it is important for you in market transactions, you pay a commission, charge... Also apply to you their ETPs hold securities, which provide investment recommendations related to Oppenheimer Rochester fund a. Discount from an issuer and sold at par using... login from third-party product sponsors and managers or... Receive a percentage of the number of individual fund symbols charged by fund companies may also recommendations. Fund portfolio with Reliance mutual fund online and get all the details different. A result your request, we have selling agreements with more than other products year covering many different industries that! Not sell securities schedule below increases with overall production and asset levels as compensation execute for!

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